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Changes coming to the repeater

APR 09, 2024

We will start the move to astrisk/app_rpt in the very near future. I just ordered one interface card which will go on the 440 repeater and it *should* be here Saturday hopefully but maybe next week sometime. When it arrives, that day or at some point in the next couple days after that the repeaters will go offline for a bit to change it over. I only have the one card ordered so I am not sure if I will leave the 2 meter machine off until I can get another card for it or keep it on the arcom. The 440 machine should be somewhat easy to switch over to allstar/app_rpt and should only take a hour or so.

Much work is still needed on the system and it will be a long process to get done. As for allstar it *may* end up connected to the internet. That is a 50/50 so who knows but it could happen. Things still needed to be done is getting the 2 meter converted over to app_rpt and getting the duplexers on both systems working 100% but that will take time and $$$$$$ which we just don't have much of.

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