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Ham Callsign Growth

1 Nov 2023

Something I noticed today is 9 land is about to roll over the KD9Zxx to KE9Axx here in the near future. Currently as KD9ZCV on 10-31-2023 so it won’t be long till we roll into the KE9 block. Now of course the KA9xxx calls were issued long long ago (1978) and it seems the KB9xxx calls showed up around 1988/89 the KC9xxx calls came in 2001 with KC9AAA issued 7-23-2001 and the latest group KD9xxx shows up in 2013 with KD9AAA issued on 11-27-2013. And with the KE9xxx block about to roll around it took just about a decade (10 years) to roll though the KD9xxx block. So around 2033/34 we should if trends continue roll into the KF9xxx block. Of course the only way to get a 2x1 1x2 or 1x3 call is by the vanity program and the 2x2 calls currently sits at KG9Rx with KG9RK the last issued as of 10-31-2023.

4 land is the farthest along the 2x3 path with KQ4MDK the latest issued on 10-31-2023 and 4 land is burning a call block every 3 years. Which means in about 27 years 4 land would run out of 2x3 calls ending with KZ4ZZZ and since the FCC don’t recycle calls what happens to 4 land then? Granted 27 years from now ham radio may not exist anymore who knows but what will new tickets be issued after KZ4ZZZ? Will they just start issuing Wx4xxx calls or start grabbing Kx#xxx calls from any other district or would they change the idea on call recycling? Who knows I guess in about 27 years we will find out. My guess would be start chewing the Wx4 block but where would the Wx4 block start? Would they recycle the WA4/WB4/WD4 calls or start with WE4 since the WA WB WD4 calls were issued before (1976-78). Maybe start with NA4xxx calls who knows.

Other call areas current last issued on 10-31-2023 are KC1TQK KE2CCK KC3WYI KJ5DDG KO6BWM KK7PBI KE8ZKF.
1 land seems to take 20 years to burn a block.
2 land takes 11 years.
3 land takes 20 years.
4 land takes 3 years.
5 land takes 5 years.
6 land takes 4 years.
7 land takes 3 years.
8 land takes 10 years.
9 land takes 10 years.

4 land seems to be the fastest growing with 7 land right behind. 5 land is growing as well just not as fast as 4 and 7. 6 land only covers one state (CA) and while 4 years to burn a block is still fast growth its not up where it was 30 years ago where it was burning a block every 2 years. Florida is for sure the big reason for the growth of 4 land calls and Texas being the reason for 5 land growth. Not sure where all the 7 land growth is coming from.

For more on callsign history in general check out An Overview of Amateur Call Signs Past and Present

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